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NATIONAL Wire&Cable 12 Gauge, 25Ft, 2 Conductors are made with the highest technology copper to create a perfect cable to be used in large range of electrical circuits. Pure copper is mainly used to effectively improving conductivity and extending the service life of the wire. Our wires are also flexible to prevent hardening of the jacket due to UV. 

AWG12 - 25 Ft. Premium Electrical Wire - 2 Conductors

Excluding Sales Tax

    Proudly made in New York, USA, our factory produce high quality wires and cables since 1972


    The Red & Black Pure copper Hookup Wire is flexible, easy to solder, that is for low voltage(5V-12V-24V-120V-240V ) circuits.


    Our premium electrical wire is very suitable for LED monochromatic light strips, electronic appliances and equipment, transformers, led lights, led splitter connections, outdoor lighting, automotive battery, solar panel, inverter etc.


    All NATIONAL electric cables are backed by our best-in-class warranty and lifetime satisfaction

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