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NATIONAL LAN & Premise Cables provide robust solutions for commercial enterprise networks to connect people, information and technology. Typically constructed with twisted pairs, premise cables provide performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond.

Category 5e 350 MHz Plenum - 1000Ft.

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    Proudly made in New York, USA, our factory produce high quality wires and cables since 1972


    No. 24 AWG solid bare copper conductor insulated with FEP.
    Two colored mated insulated conductors twisted together to form
    a pair and four pairs assembled to form a core.


    The core is jacketed with a low smoke
    flame retardant PVC.


    ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C.2 Category 5e; ISO/IEC 11801 Category 5e; National Electric Code – Article 800; UL Standard 444


    Maximum Working Voltage: 300 V RMS.

    Mutual Capacitance: 14 pF/ft nominal;
    Capacitance Unbalance: 330 pF/ft maximum;
    Velocity of Propagation: 72%;
    Max. Conductor D.C.R.: 28.6 ohm/1000 feet;
    Max. DCR Unbalance: 5%;
    Max. Delay Skew: 45 ns/100m;
    Characteristic Impedance: from 0.772 - 100 MHz 100 ± 15%;
    from 101 - 200 MHz 100 ± 22%;
    from 201 - 500 MHz 100 ± 32%


    Supports all category 5 applications including Ethernet 100BASE
    -TX, 100BASE-VG and 155 ATM. Particularly suited for high
    bandwidth applications such as 622 ATM, Wideband, and
    Ethernet 1000BASE-T


    All NATIONAL wires are backed by our best-in-class warranty and lifetime satisfaction

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