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NATIONAL Wire&Cable AWG14 - 200 Ft. 2 Conductors Duplex Marine Wire are made with the highest technology tinned copper to create a perfect cable to be used in extreme weather enviroment. Tinned copper is mainly used to prevent OFC from oxidizing, effectively improving conductivity and extending the service life of the wire. So it is very suitable for outdoor, communication and ships. In addition to anti-corrosion, our wires are also flexible to prevent hardening of the jacket due to UV. Tin is ideally suitable for the marine environment as it has properties to resist water and moisture.

AWG14 - 200 Ft. 2 Conductors Marine Wire

Excluding Sales Tax

    Proudly made in New York, USA, our factory produce high quality wires and cables since 1972


    [PREMIUM TINNED COOPER] - Manufactured from individual copper strands and tinned to perform in the harshest marine environments.


    [VERSATILITY] - Electrical copper cable that used in lighting systems, boat applications, automotive applications, household circuit systems and other daily environments.


    All NATIONAL electric cables are backed by our best-in-class warranty and lifetime satisfaction


    Our thick heavy duty  jacket is waterproof and able to be used for salt water protection. 

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