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Home and office automation are no longer thought of as luxury items in our society.  More and more, residential properties require structured cables as a standard requirement for most homes and buildings. NATIONAL Wire&Cable offers a large selection of media wiring solutions for multimedia cable and home automation cables.

14-4 Unshielded Audio Cable Non-Plenum - 500 Ft.

Excluding Sales Tax

    Proudly made in New York, USA, our factory produce high quality wires and cables since 1972


    Number of Conductors: 4/C
    Conductor: 14 AWG 105/34 Bare Copper
    Insulation Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
    Nominal Insulation Thickness: 0.012 in.
    Nominal Insulation Diameter: 0.097 in.
    Color Code: Black, Red, White, Green
    Jacket Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
    Nominal Jacket Thickness: .0.018 in.
    Nominal Diameter: 0.270 in.


    • NEC Article 800
    • UL Subject 444, Type CMR/CL3R FT4


    Suggested Working Voltage: 150 Volts, rms.


    Four conductor cable used in audio and power limited circuit applications.


    All NATIONAL wires are backed by our best-in-class warranty and lifetime satisfaction

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